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Welcome Gunnar!

Welcome the newest addition to our canine family.

Gunnar showed up just before the July 4th holiday weekend. I was heading out of town and said to Jamie, "Good luck. I'll be back in a few days."

Poor little dude wasn't neutered so he humped everything in sight and peed on stuff. Jamie was not happy. He also fell madly in love with Bryce. I don't think Bryce wanted a boyfriend.

He's been neutered and has calmed quite a bit. He now plays with Maverick and lounges with Bryce. He doesn't hump and he doesn't pee in the house. Woo hoo!

He has taken to living with us quite well. He is such a welcome addition to the homestead. He likes to chase the chickens along the fence - they clearly don't like it. He also likes to burrow and reminds me quite a bit of Cocoa. He is one of the most loving dogs and will cuddle up right next to you.

Thankfully, he is not afraid of thunderstorms so I have just two dogs in my lap when they occur. Granted, those two dogs weight a collective 200 pounds, but no matter.

I told Jamie I thought he was a little fox because he sure looks like one - that tail! He has the softest fur and the gentlest manner. He will let you know when it's time to pet him because he'll put his paw on your hand or arm to signal, let's get rubbing. He can jump and gets on the furniture (which is okay with us). And watching him run to play with the others is just a hoot.

I have to admit we have gotten lucky with our pets and enjoy being the Island of Misfit Toys for animals others cannot keep. All are welcome at Tippy Homestead!


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