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Hey, Doc, How do YOU Use the Stuff?

(A day in the life of a Wild Mountain Organics user (and owner)...)

Pauline W. Hoffmann, Ph.D. is the owner of Wild Mountain Organics and she swears by its products. This is an example of her routine:

I wake up and shower using Facial Polish (rub a little on my palm with water to loosen it and then spread on my face). While that sinks in and makes my face fabulous, I rub Body Polish on my body to exfoliate, moisturize, cleanse and make me feel good (I don’t recommend doing this everyday. If it’s morning, I will likely use the citrus scent to wake me up.).

Rinse polish from face and body. Before I put on my makeup, I will use our Facial Toner by spraying it on a cotton swab and then rubbing it on my face. It helps to nourish and refresh and works really well with the Facial Polish. If it’s winter, I will use either the Skin Repair Cream or Replenishing Face Cream. In summer, my face gets enough moisturizing power from the olive oil in the Facial Polish. When I arrive at my office, I will use the Hand and Body Lotion on my hands. In winter, I make sure to use a little extra so that I may run my fingers through my hair as lotion also works well on static. (As a note – a little. My lotion is quite rich and I don’t want greasy hair!)

Another tip, if my skirt is sticking to my tights, I will rub my hands over my legs. Stops static here, too! Inevitably someone will come into my office who has smoked a cigarette. Cigarette smoke sometimes gives me a headache so I am glad I have our Roller Ball (peppermint) to roll on my temples and across the back of my neck. If I don’t, I will use the peppermint oil that comes in the Essential Oil Travel Kit – I always have one on my desk.

Lip Balm goes with me everywhere. I have one on my desk, one in my purse and one on my dresser at home. Three different scents/flavors.


Most days I don’t need Insect Repellent, but when I do, I am glad I can use a natural repellent that smells good. Easy on and smells good. Bugs don’t like it, but I don’t care what they think. If I forget my Insect Repellent and get bitten, that’s okay because I have my lavender Roller Ball. It works to reduce the swelling and itch of bug bites.I also take our Essential Oil Travel Kit whenever I travel. It’s the best all natural first aid kit there is. That’s an example of my day with Wild Mountain Botanicals.


Share your day and your ideas!  

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