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There's a storm a comin'

I'm THAT person. I love winter.

Truly, love winter.

Winter storms? Love long as I am in my house safe from the elements. I truly enjoy watching the winds whip and the snow fly when I am ensconced in my pajama bottoms, t-shirt and alpaca socks. Wine also helps.

I often take students to Uganda, Africa over our winter and I am sad when I hear from Jamie that I've missed a good snowstorm. Yes, I'm that person you love to hate.

Why do I love winter? How do you not look outside and marvel at the beauty of snow on the ground, on the trees, glistening in the sun? How do you not feel connected - and perhaps a bit afraid - when you sit inside drinking cocoa or wine watching the wind blow and snow pile up?

I love watching the dogs run in the snow. Maverick just rolls around. He loves it! Gunnar loves running and thrusting his nose into a pile of snow looking for who knows what.

Bryce, not so much. Perhaps he's the "normal" one.

I enjoy taking photos of the backyard with a blanket of snow.

I enjoy watching Jamie - who does not love it - plow the driveway with our tractor.

And we have a storm a comin'. We are hearty here in Western New York State and we don't worry so much about the snow. We have a storm coming that might drop 5 inches of snow. Five inches of snow? Heck, I can wear my flip flops in that! (Not really, but almost.) I say, "Bah!" to five inches of snow.

I love a good winter storm.

I love winter...until I don't love winter. When winter is no longer as beautiful - when white snow becomes a bit too yellow or just brown and black and rocky and dingy. Yuck. Then I look forward to spring.

The groundhog? Leave the poor dude alone to enjoy his hibernation. And you should enjoy your hibernation, also. Spring always shows up. Enjoy winter while it lasts.


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