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Imbolc - New Beginnings

We've been so out of touch recently. So many things happening in our lives that have caused us to push "pause" on our blog. We've maintained our dogs, chickens and bees. We've started a major project and finished most of it. We've had changes in our professional lives.

I've "come out" in a bigger way! This is the self-described year of the witch. Welcome back to Tippy Homestead.

Our last post was in August. AUGUST! Last year we said "good-bye" to Cocoa, our 18-year-old Chiweenie. We said "hello" to Gunnar. I turned 50 - that's a half a century.

I tried a triathlon. I continued to sell Wild Mountain Botanicals. We sold eggs, maple syrup, jams and know....just to see if there would be a market. Turns out people love it. New business idea? We're thinking about it.

We have the house next door and are thinking about ways to use it. I opened it up in May allowing customers to come purchase products. Then I got approved to offer an Airbnb experience. Look for information in the coming months to come for tarot card readings. First we have to fix our HVAC and plumbing. No big whoop.

We've redesigned the website. Jamie didn't like the other site and he's right, it had run its course. This is our redesign! Look for new photos of our home renovation in upcoming posts. We have to clean the house first - hey, baby steps.

The title of this post is Imbolc - New Beginnings. What does that mean? I wanted to have the new blog up and running on January 1. Well, the best laid plans.

Then I thought, hey, no one starts things on February 1 so I would be unique. Then I remembered that Imbolc is February 2 and it's a Wiccan sabbat signifying the upcoming spring. It's the time when we cast our winter "blanket" off and start fresh. That seemed like the perfect day to say "we're back!"

This morning I sat on the back porch watching the big, fluffy snowflakes waft to the ground and I performed my ritual. I put energy out into the world to manifest new beginnings for me and for us. Most importantly, I asked for energy to help keep my mother safe. She is fine but I wanted to make sure. A little extra insurance.

A warm Wiccan welcome to everyone. Happy spring!


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