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Our newest product allows you to enjoy our essential oils in a roller ball.  Each roller ball contains olive oil and an essential oil – peppermint, eucalyptus, or lavender. Each is small enough to carry in your purse for little emergencies.

  • Peppermint is wonderful for headaches.  Roll the tonic on your temples and across the back of your neck for relief from headache pain.  Also rub a little across your wrists to keep you alert while driving or to power you through a workout.
  • Eucalyptus handles cold and sinus pain.  Rub a little across your upper lip and/or on your chest for relief.
  • Lavender is multipurpose.  Use lavender if you have a bug bite or bee sting.  Rub it on the affected area to reduce swelling and stop the itching.  Lavender is wonderful on cuts and scrapes.  Rub it on the affected area for relief. It also allows for quicker healing.  Suffer from acne?  Rub the lavender tonic on the affected spot for quick relief and quick healing.

$10 each

Roller Ball

SKU: 0005
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