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New Year, New You ... Bah

Don't you hate headlines and titles like that? "New year, new you?" It implies there was something wrong with you to begin with.

There is nothing wrong with you.

Well, maybe you're a bit dry this time of year.

Or you're dirty.

Or you want to start working with essential oils - or products that contain them.

Let Wild Mountain Botanicals help you.

We have a wonderful line of lotions and creams to help prevent and take care of dry skin. Our hand and body lotions are scented with essential oils (checking off point three above) to help moisturize dry skin. Need something a bit more heavy-duty? Our Replenishing Face Cream and Skin Repair Cream work wonders on your face - and other body parts that get really, really dry like hands, feet, elbows, etc.

Like a good soak? Our Body Polish (also scented with essential oils) makes a wonderfully aromatherapeutic addition to your bath. Or use it in the shower or just on hands and feet.

Hearing about essential oils from friends, the internet, TV, everywhere? Take a look at our "what's in it"

tab for more details about the benefits of essential oils and then try our Essential Oil Travel Kit to take them for a test run.

There's nothing wrong with you that needs to be made new. Perhaps just a simple renewal? Let us help.

Happy new year!.

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